Code of Conduct

Servicer Code of Conduct

We the servicers (credit collection companies) perform business for the sound development of the national economy and with a strict awareness of legal compliance. To this end, we set forth the Servicer Code of Conduct (Ten Commitments).

1. We servicers comply with the Servicer Act and all other laws and ordinances, and respect social rules.
2. We servicers honor the fairness and sociality of contracts and engage in collection activities based on laws, ordinances, and social norms while seeking the sincere implementation of contracts.
3. We servicers build internal control systems to ensure transparency of corporate governance.
4. We servicers strictly manage personal information and do not use it for purposes other than which it was intended.
5. We servicers take a firm stance against antisocial forces.
6. We servicers actively engage in training and certification activities and strive for self-improvement.
7. We servicers work to build an environment to facilitate the work of our employees.
8. We servicers contribute to society and the region and fulfill our role as corporate citizens.
9. We servicers, in partnership with attorneys on the board, follow the example set by top-level management in our commitment to observing this Code of Conduct.
10. In the event a situation occurs in violation of this Code of Conduct, we servicers work to investigate the cause, prevent a reoccurrence, and ensure accountability.
一般社団法人 全国サービサー協会

Enacted May 22, 2007